Bulk storage containers is a large loading container made on the basis of plastic pallet, suitable for factory turnover and product storage.It can stack and fold. It also has improve efficiency, save space, facilitate recycling, save packaging costs and other features.Mainly used for packaging, storage and transportation of various parts and raw materials, automobile parts, clothing fabrics, vegetables and other containerized packaging,it is a very wide range of applications logistics container.

Reusable bulk plastic storage containers, plastic bulk containers are very convenient and save on storage space when not in use, they can even be stacked upon each other when fully collapsed.

These bulk plastic storage containers are available in light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty designs. Our Pallet boxes offer the strength and rugged durability demanded in today’s material handling and distribution systems.

Popular applications: Automotive components, bearings, hardware, industrial equipment, metal parts, plastics and rubber parts, resin and powder and tools.